Thursday, 12 January 2012

First release!

カレコエ ~同棲中の彼~
Karekoe ~Dousei-chuu no Kare~

Company: Fluffy Bunny
Released: 2010.06.10
Price: 1,575円

Boyfriend: Ono Daisuke

01. Title call
02. Mobile version
03. Private time
04. Standard version
05. Secret track

Download: here
Review: here

Thursday, 15 December 2011

First things first

So, as you can read to the right *points to the welcome text* this is a drama CD translation blog. Meaning that I translate drama CD's and post the translation here. I'm not sure about the format yet, but releases will most likely be pdf.

For those who don't know what drama CD's are: they are basically audio drama's. In this case I'm specifically referring to Japanese audio drama's. Many manga, games, and anime have drama CD adaptions of the original story or original side stories.

I started this more as a way to keep practising my Japanese and my translation skills, which is also why updates will be fairly random. It all depends on whether I have the time and energy to translate something. For the same reason I won't be taking any requests. You are of course free to leave 'suggestions', but don't count on me actually minding them :P

As for the translations, while I am doing my best, they won't be perfect. I'm not a professional and I'm doing this for fun. Plus, if I were to contemplate the best possible translation for every single sentence translating would literally take ages. But I hope that these translations can help you with enjoying these drama CD's (^-^)